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Bring your own device

Students and parents are asked to sign Menai High School's Personal Technology Devices Charter.

How to install Microsoft Office365 

Below are instructions on how to install Microsoft Office through the Student Portal

  • View / Download guide here.

Software for devices 

Students are required to have certain software on their personal technology devices. This includes some form of Office suite, an Antivirus program and, if they are in either an Art or ICT class, the Adobe suite.

For Office and Adobe software, students may use the following link:

Department software store

From here students can access the following software for free:

  • A copy of Windows 10
  • A copy of Microsoft Office (For PC and Mac)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Including Photoshop and other such software)
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 19
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 19

For Antivirus solutions we recommend the following two programs:

Both of these programs are completely free. We strongly recommend these as other antivirus systems can cause the students to not be able to connect to the internet.

Support for devices 

If your child encounters problems with his or her Personal Technology Device they can bring the device to our friendly IT Support staff and they will assess the problem and give advice on how to find a solution. Most of the time this will lead to the problem being solved on the spot. However, our on-site IT Support team can only deal with software issues.

This means that any cases of physical damage or hardware failure must be dealt with by the manufacturer. If the device is out of warranty we recomend taking the device to a computer repair shop. 

Wifi internet 

Below are the Apple IOS and Android connection guides for using the schools WIFI.  


Find below the Apple IOS connection guide for using the wi-fi at Menai High School.


Find below the Andriod connection guide for using the wi-fi at Menai High School.

Removing computer viruses 

Below is a guide outlining how to remove your computer malware/viruses.