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School uniform 

The Menai High School community has decided that MHS is a full uniform school. Students are expected to wear the Menai High School uniform each day. The uniform helps each student to identify with the school and it should be worn with pride.

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Uniform Measurements List

Our school uniform shop is open during school terms on Tuesday mornings, 8am to 12 noon and on Friday afternoons, 12:30pm to 4:30pm.

Junior girls uniform

  • Blouse - White short sleeved
  • Skirt - Red and green check with two pleats
  • Pullover - Bottle green wool blend with red embroidered dragon crest.
  • Cardigan - Bottle green acrylic 
  • Socks - White ankle length
  • Shoes - Black leather or suede (standard school style)
  • Slacks - Plain black straight gabardine
  • Undershirt - White (long sleeved)
  • Tights - Black opaque non-ribbed

Senior girls uniform

  • Blouse - Tailored white blouse
  • Skirt - Grey with two pleats front and back
  • Tie - Red and white spots
  • Shoes - Black leather
  • Socks- White ankle length 
  • Jumper - Red wool blend with embroidered dragon crest 
  • Cardigan - Senior red acrylic cardigan
  • Slacks - Plain black stretch slacks

Junior boys uniform

  • Shirt - White over shirt with red embroidered dragon crest
  • Shorts - Grey cotton polyester wash and wear style
  • Pullover - Bottle green wool blend with red embroidered dragon crest
  • Jacket - Black and red taslon jacket with zip front
  • Socks - White ankle length with no coloured stripes or logos
  • Shoes - Black leather or suede (standard school style)
  • Trousers - Mid grey 
  • Undershirt - White (long sleeve)
  • Senior boys uniform
  • Shirt - White over shirt with red dragon crest 
  • Short- Grey cotton/polyester wash and wear style 
  • Jumper - Red wool blend with embroided dragon crest 
  • Shoes - Black leather or suede (standard school style)
  • Trousers - Mid grey serge wash and wear style
  • Undershirt - White (long sleeve) - optional
  • Sock - White ankle length (worn with shorts)
  • Tie - Grey with red dragon crest

Boys and girls sports uniform 

  • Polo shirt - White and black with school logo and red trim
  • Shorts - Red and black
  • Socks- White sports type
  • Tracksuit - Black taslon pants with red and white piping. Black and red taslon top with zip front.
  • Shoes - Suitable sports footwear

The wearing of uniform is a safety requirement. Staff and students must be able to identify those who belong on the site and uniform is the best way for us to address this issue. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OH&S Act) requires the school to identify foreseeable hazards and to take steps to eliminate or control risks. In accordance with this Act MHS requires students to wear appropriate footwear, eyewear and other protective clothing and requires that jewellery or other items that could, with reasonable forseeability, cause an injury to the wearer or other students, not be worn.

Students who are out of uniform are expected to present a note from home and obtain an ‘out of uniform' pass. Long term exemptions from wearing uniform must be negotiated with the Principal.