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Menai High School teaches students about the need for environmental sustainability in all areas of life so that we can protect our future. In addition to teaching sustainability principles in all subjects and all years we also endeavour to employ sustainability principles in every aspect of our schools operations. In particular our current focus has been on reducing energy usage and in fact generating much of our own energy needs.

In 2013 we aim to complete Stage 2 of our solar panel project. Donations to our tax deductible Menai High School "building fund" are welcome and will support us as we strive to become increasingly energy self sufficient. This is only one of many initiatives designed to make us environmentally good citizens.

Solar energy project 

The completion of Stage 1 of Menai High's solar power project has resulted in our energy generation capacity rising to 99.5kw. This is just .5kw off a designation as a power station.

Stage 2 is due to be completed this year. Fund raising is going ahead on many fronts and your continued support for this "gift to the future" will be valued for many decades of future students, families and staff.

You can view our power generation at our sunny web portal.