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Study Resources

Home Study involves:

  • completing set homework
  • completing assessments & assignments
  • preparing for exams
  • reflecting on each day's work
  • regular consolidation, practise and revision 
  • wide reading
  • Mathletics

Each student should be completing regular home study throughout the week.  

As a guide:

  • Years 7 & 8 should undertake approximately 5-7 hours a week
  • Years 9 & 10 should undertake approximately 7-10 hours a week
  • Years 11 & 12 should undertake approximately 10-20 hours a week



Home Study involves more than simply what is due. It is important that students revise regularly. They should use their study time to revise the lessons of that day and create study notes. Regular wide reading is essential to develop comprehension skills.



Study Timetable

It can be helpful to set a time when Home Study will take place. That way, everyone knows when it will start and finish. Hopefully procrastination will be avoided.

Using the given timetable:

  1. Block out commitments, such as training, tutoring or music lessons.
  2. Block out family commitments, such as dinner or baby sitting.
  3. Fill in any things you regularly to do, such as TV shows or gaming with friends.
  4. Choose 5 - 10 hours 





This document offers a structure for the study hour.

  1. Take ten minutes to remember what you learned in each period today.
  2. Check your Sentral Student Portal and your Student Planner to see what is due in the next two weeks.
  3. Complete work due soon.
  4. Choose one or two topics to study or create study resources.
  5. If you have time left, read or use Mathletics.


Sometimes it is easier to have things on one page. This way you can see how long you have before things are due and how many things are happening at the same time.

You can use this Term Planner to record assessment due dates and other events. This will make it easier to plan your time. It may be helpful to keep the Planner in a shared space, where it can be seen by the whole family, like the fridge or  a family noticeboard. This will help with planning family events.


Very few students are lucky enough to learn simply by reading over notes. These posters offer different techniques to try.